Fun Lunch


If you already have a Munch-a-Lunch account please log on and update the division and classroom teacher for each of your children to ensure smooth delivery. You can also set up a new account on the same site:

Alternatively, you can register a new account here: Parents who already have an account can login here:

If you need to ADD a second school to your account (eg. children in 2 schools using MunchaLunch) OR you need to fully TRANSFER your account to a new school please use this link: You can self-add or self-transfer (you do not need to contact MunchaLunch for assistance).


How do I order fun lunch?

To order fun lunch, please use this link: When ordering a fun lunch for your child(ren) please note the deadlines for ordering. We have to pre-order 10 days in advance so restaurants can prepare for the large orders we submit, especially since we now have over 600 students in our school. It is for that reason that we cannot accept last minute orders.

What happens after I order?

It is imperative that you successfully order and pay for your child(ren)’s fun lunch orders within an hour of creating it. Munch-a-Lunch will not save orders anymore. Munch-a-Lunch also sends a reminder email the day before the fun lunch day, with a list of what you have ordered for your child(ren). If you do not get this email, it means your child(ren) will NOT be receiving a fun lunch.

What if my child is absent?

If your child is absent on a fun lunch day, please email and we will prepare it for pick up between 12 and 12:30pm. If you cannot pick it up, please consider it as a donation as there are no refunds.

What to do on a fun lunch day?

Connect with your children the morning of fun lunch to remind them what to expect for lunch – or if they will not be receiving.

What if I notice an error?

If on the fun lunch day, your child notices an error with their order, please have them communicate with their teacher, so that the teacher can either come to the PAC kitchen, or send your child there for assistance. We will do our best to make sure the error is corrected, so your child does not go without lunch.